About Public Engagement

The Office of the Chancellor’s Public Engagement team, works to advance the University’s public engagement mission. Through strategic planning, initiatives, and relationship-building, Public Engagement connects with the university, community, corporate, and government.

Public Engagement represents a facet of the Strategic Plan, and therefore requires a web presence to serve the university and lead the charge. While there are currently existing portals and initiatives that have made up the Public Engagement efforts to this point, the team is now evaluating these destinations, in hopes of providing an integrated user experience, unifying the content, tools and destinations, needed to serve and lead Public Engagement across the institution.

The proposed solution calls for initial research effort to understand and capture the needs of the various audience segments to better serve them. In addition, a proper brand relationship needs to be established, as Public Engagement must appear correctly, as a facet of the Chancellor’s Strategic Plan, with an interface templating that places it properly.

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